Perhaps you didn’t know these Facts about Hollywood Sign

Erected in 1923, the Hollywood sign has always beckoned aspiring actors intending to become superstars in Los Angeles. Despite the years of run-ins with vandals and developers, the sign has managed to hang on its initial location near the Mt. Lee summit in the Hollywood Hills. Here are some of the surprising facts about this famous symbol of the United States movie industry.

1. The symbol is slightly younger than the district itself

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and Harvey founded the Hollywood district in 1887 as a society for likeminded temperance movement’s followers. The district was incorporated as a municipality in 1903 and later merged with Los Angeles seven years later. The Hollywood first film studio moved to this district in 19011.

2. The symbol was created as an advert for real estate

By 1923, Harry Chandler, a Los Angeles Times publisher, had decided to indulge in real estate investments in a real estate development known as Hollywoodland. This capitalized on the ever-growing recognition of the Hollywood movie-industry mecca. To promote his project, Harry and his partners put up a 45-foot-high white block of letters anchored to several telephone poles and illuminated by about 4,000 bulbs. Some newspapers show that the sign was completed in 1923 though the exact date is disputed.

3. Surprisingly, a struggling actress took her life here

Though the Hollywood sign is a symbol of stardom and glamour, it can also represent shattered dreams. In 1932, Peg Entwistle moved to Los Angeles to try her luck with the movies. She received an invitation to take part in murder-mystery film. Upon its completion, the industry didn’t renew her contract. On September, the same year, she allegedly climbed a ladder and jumped off. Ironically, a letter had been send to her a day before her death inviting her to play a role in a film about a young lady who commits suicide.

4. The Sign has been damaged in several movies

If you are a Hollywood movies fan, you must have realized that the movie appeared in a couple of movies. These include Argo (2012), Friends with benefits (2011), Down Three Dark Streets (1954), Gangster Squad (2013) and more. In some of these movies, directors seem to take joy in destroying the sign. For instance, in Superman (1978), the entire sign blends during a quake, and in The Rocketeer (1991), a villain with malfunctioning rocket crashes into it!