Want to Rub Shoulders with the Superstars?

Hollywood is home to some of the most famous people in the world, and even just taking a walk down a Hollywood high street can lead to you bumping into one of the most instantly recognisable stars on the planet. With such wealth and stardom. we tend to put the stars up on a pedestal and it can be easy to forget that they are really just other people too. They also like to enjoy nights out with friends as we do, and you could even find yourself next to a superstar in a bar if you go to the right places.

Underground scene meet super stars

Knowing the Best Hangouts

One escort that is based in London has been visiting Hollywood regularly for years, and she has been lucky enough to meet with many of the stars personally. Jenny, who has been a London escort for 10 years, has been using online sources like theundergroundscene.netto find out where she has a good chance of meeting the stars. So far it has worked very well andJenny has collected quite a photo album of her having a casual drink with Hollywood superstars.

Making Friends

Jenny has even been able to swap numbers with some of the stars so she has a friend to call whenever she arrives in Hollywood from London. She has even been invited to some incredible parties that have been held in deluxe Hollywood mansions. Jenny may live a humble life as an escort from PalaceVIP when in London , but when she goes to Hollywood she really is a friend to the stars.